Health and Accountability Dialogues

Global Health South has hosted two health and accountability dialogues in 2010 in Nairobi, and 2012 in Accra respectively. 

This series of meetings also provided a platform for global agencies, initiatives and programmes – as well as Southern members or representatives on consultative fora and delegations – to review their role in global health at country, regional and global levels.

CHESTRAD has worked with meeting participants as well as CS networks and delegations to establish and expand a database of Southern CSOs in global health.  Over 300 CSOs are currently included in this database.  CSOs on the list have benefited from information sharing with the major agencies and have provided input into key documents and processes through this mechanism.   In addition, a SMS alert system has been established to support CSOs where internet access is limited and/or unreliable.  Through this platform, 

CHESTRAD has also provided comprehensive support to CSOs in this database.  Although much has been achieved, much is still required to strengthen the institutional capacities of Southern CS to be even more active partners within the global health dialogue and bring the very much required country context and perspectives that make development investments effective, and country ownership an actionable deliverable, in global and resource-constrained environments. 

The Third Global Forum will be held in Abuja, Nigeria, 17 January 2013

Third Dialogue and Retreat of Civil Society in Global Health

3rd Health & Accountability Dialogue

(April 2013 – Nigeria; Confirmed for hosting by the Nigerian National Assembly & the National Planning Commission) 

Second Health & Accountability Dialogue

Access, Effectiveness, Results and Accountability - Deepening Southern Engagement in Global Health

The second Dialogue and Retreat of the Alliance of Southern Civil Society in Global Health was held in Accra, Ghana in 2011. The thematic focus was “Access, Effectiveness, Results and Accountability: Deepening Southern Engagement in Global Health.” 

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First Dialogue and Retreat of Civil Society in Global Health

The 2010 Nairobi Meetings brought over 65 civil society organizations, networks and partners as well as lead agencies in global health together in an unprecedented Southern-led dialogue on global health. 

This 1st Dialogue and Retreat of Civil Society in Global Health in Nairobi considered the advances and initiatives in global health and identified key actions that are required to enable effective engagement of civil society in the Economic South in global health. 

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